Business Resurrection: Video 2 – Connecting &


Motivating Clients, Suppliers and Staff For Great Outcomes

When you’ve lost connection with your own business, you’ve also lost touch with yourself. And how do we reconnect you back to really what makes you happy in your business?


The Connection and Motivation Tool


It’s a really powerful tool. I’ve seen it transform not only my own business many years ago but that of the people I worked with. This tool is the KEY to creating great relationships within business, and great relationships in your personal life.


It’s how you can MOTIVATE and CONNECT back with yourself on what you really LOVE and how you can connect to motivate others to assist you in your business. This tool starts with your OWN understanding about yourself.


When you understand who YOU are, when you know exactly WHAT you need, then from this place, you can quickly and almost immediately understand what other people’s style is and what motivates them. It’s such a simple thing. It comes from the understanding that everybody needs to be loved; everybody needs to be accepted, and this is really what drives their BEHAVIOUR.


People are either certain or they’re significant. When you’re certain, you talk a lot about time and money. When you’re significant, you talk a lot about perceptions, success and where you’re at.


In the five key love languages from Chapman, I find in business, there are the three KEY ones:

  • Acts of service.
  • Quality time.
  • Words of affirmation, or words of confirmation.


There are other ones as well; gifts and touch, but these top three – they’re the KEY things in business. WHEN you can really quickly pick what they are, then you can get fantastic OUTCOMES of motivating what you want from people and also motivating yourself while asking for what you need.


It brings in more money; it takes all the pressure off people. Staff and business owners really start to get along and TEAMS start to come TOGETHER.


This works at ALL levels of business.


You can also use it with your family. Maybe you’ve always wondered why you never got along with your sister, or never got along with your brother; something isn’t quite RIGHT. Use this tool to go a bit deeper.


I’m so happy I’m able to teach this to people. I’ve been using it for 25 years. Hundreds of other people I’ve taught it to are using it, and it’s so profound.



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