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The Rule of W : How To Get Clarity and What You Want ASAP

You don’t have time for overcomplicated things. You have to be able to do it quickly and easily. That’s what these tools are all about. They’re about helping you get your business really going quickly, so you can just do the things that you really love to do.



The Rule of W.


It’s a really powerful tool a lot of my clients and I use to get massive OUTCOMES. It’s taken them from overwhelm, from struggling in their business to a whole new level. You’re actually able to pinpoint and target what your BIGGEST issue is immediately. From there you can start to create a plan about how to move forward quickly.

It’s an “everything” tool. It’s a problem solving tool, it’s a client analysis tool, it’s part of client conversion strategy and everyone needs more clients. NOT necessarily more marketing; more clients who pay the bills. It’s a getting what you WANT tool; it’s a getting what you NEED tool. It’s the most POWERFUL thing that I’ve been using for 25 years. And what I want you to do is to START immediately.


These are the core questions you must find the answers to.

  • What
  • Where
  • Who
  • Why
  • When
  • How


You’ll see really quickly how this is a massive game changer for you.


Use just one or two sentences, as simply as you can, identifying and filling out each of these questions. The trick is where there’s a gap, you’ll often find this is where there is something that we really need to understand a little bit more deeply. There’s massive simplicity in this; DON’T overthink it. Don’t even spend too much time answering the questions. Just allow the very first thing to come up and TRUST that. NOT every question has the same weight.

When you use this tool and start with the OUTCOME in mind, what you get is massive CLARITY, some of the problems that you actually think are the problems are not really the issue at all.

The real value is you can keep going back through the questions on the one issue until you’re really CLEAR about what that means for you.

Take that plan and go away and IMPLEMENT just those things. It takes you out of the picture, and it gives you something to just MOVE forward with STRAIGHT away.



Next Up: Connecting and Motivating Clients, Suppliers and Staff for Great Outcomes.

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